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Many years ago when I worked at a large San Francisco ad agency, a fellow copywriter ran out of his office one afternoon and yelled triumphantly, “We’re doing advertising, and IT FEELS GOOD!”

I’ve never forgotten this. Why? Because it’s true!

Marketing and advertising can and should feel good — to you and your customers/clients.

After all, you’re solving people’s problems and helping them reach their dreams with great products and services or, in the case of nonprofits, providing opportunities to help create positive change in the world. And you’re turning a tidy profit doing it (or should be).

Yet for most people, marketing feels incredibly difficult and icky. Worse, it often doesn’t get you the results you wanted – despite all the time and money you’ve invested in it.

Let’s change this!

Better results start with strategy

Without a strategic plan, you’re liable to end up chasing your tail and barking up the wrong trees. With a solid strategy, everything suddenly comes into focus. Marketing gets more exciting, more creative and, almost always, more successful.

How do I know this?

Because I know what it’s like to market without a well-thought-out strategy. For the first year of my ad agency career, we didn’t have a good strategic process. And we were the agency’s direct response division responsible for getting Fortune 500 companies quantifiable results! We wasted time trying to figure out a product’s benefits and what problems it was supposed to solve for whom. It was a stressful struggle.

Then our division got new management, and everything changed. I learned how to create marketing strategies that got clients the results they were looking for.

Suddenly, marketing became way easier and more fun for me… and it has been ever since.

My background

Helping clients like you achieve audacious goals is what lights me up. I love helping clients solve wicked problems. Win market share. Spread ideas that catch fire. Make dreams a reality. And connect people with what they truly value.

Marketing has the power to make these things happen. But only when it’s done well.

I’ve spent many years learning how to do marketing well. First, as a copywriter for Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB) – a large San Francisco ad agency – where I created direct marketing campaigns that sold millions of dollars of products and services for the likes of Visa, HP, PG&E, Levi’s, Shaklee and other Fortune 500 corporations.

Then, as a freelance copywriter and creative director for ad agencies, corporations, nonprofits and small, and sometimes quirky, startups (like a turkey farm).

I’ve created virtually every form of marketing in virtually every medium for virtually every type of business.

In the process, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t – combining the art of branding with the science of direct response to get outstanding results for clients like you.

Interested in learning how I might help you and if we’d be a good fit to work together?


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