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That’s why clients hire you.

You help them use emotion and surprise to grab attention. Make the consumer the hero. Zig when everyone else is zagging. Grow a thriving, loyal tribe. And produce brilliant creative that takes their business where they want it to go… and wins your agency repeat business.

But what happens when you’ve got too much work… and not enough staff?

That’s where I can help. I’ve been an ad agency copywriter myself and have done copywriting and creative work for a number of ad agencies over the years as a free agent. I’ve also done creative direction – hiring and managing graphic designers, web developers and others – on the projects I’ve done for my own clients.

So I know what you’re looking for — someone who produces high-quality creative that meets your standards, gets results for your client,  and who’s reliable and easy to work with.

I can not only do that, I can provide added value as well.

Here’s what I can promise you:

Concepts and copy clients love and that get results

Take a look at my work, and you’ll see it is anything but ordinary. Some of the concepts were my own, others were created in collaboration with agency art directors or freelance designers.

I write punchy, succinct and empathetic copy that personifies the brand and rarely needs more than minor revisions after client reviews. I’m a quick study and can get up to speed quickly on almost any business or industry. I’ve helped market everything from sofas to semiconductors.

Able to pinch hit for missing staff

When their own creative staff isn’t available, agencies have sometimes hired me to sit in on client meetings as “an agency copywriter,” as well pitch the concepts I’ve helped them create to client big wigs. Over the years, I’ve successfully pitched concepts to Fortune 500 Advertising VPs, mid-sized company CEO’s and nonprofit EDs.

From Kill Fee to Gold B-2-B

This project was not going well. The best the agency initially hoped for was a kill fee. The concepts I helped them create not only wowed the client, the one they choose won a Gold Best B-2-B  Award. See case study >

Strategic problem solving

I’ve helped agencies out of project-jeopardizing jams a number of times. (Often these are caused by not getting enough, or the right, information from clients.)

For example, I was hired by an agency to create a direct mail campaign for a Fortune 500 tech corporation years ago. One big problem: there was no market research. So on my own initiative, I got the names of a few people in the target audience from friends, did quick phone interviews and helped the agency create a very successful campaign that paid for itself on the first sales call. 

I have in-depth experience with the following…

  • Creative Briefs
  • USPs
  • Positioning Statements
  • Key Messages

… and can work with your briefs and even help you create them.

Expertise in both branding + direct response

I got my start as a copywriter in the direct response division of Foote, Cone & Belding San Francisco. My job at FCB was to create highly successful direct marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 clients that brought in millions but also complimented their brand.

Knowing how to draw on the best of these two very different ad techniques and use them synergistically has allowed me help agencies and design firms get better results for their clients on a number of different types of projects. See this case study as one example.

An enjoyable, stress-free experience

I’m team player with years of experience working with agency art directors and account execs. I bring a lot of experience and added value to the table, but know that you run the show. Most important, you can rely on me to create excellent work on deadline and on budget.

I can help you create successful:

  • Website copy
  • Web and Print Ads
  • Ghostwritten articles
  • Email and print newsletters
  • E-mail marketing
  • Blog posts
  • Brochures
  • Direct mail
  • Annual reports
  • press releases
  • Radio commercials
  • Internal communications
  • Not listed on here? Just ask

I love to help you out on your next project. Email me or schedule a free consult.


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