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What is your clients’ most important strategic advantage? Customer loyalty.

That loyalty is built through strong branding. And strong branding? It comes from knowing the customer inside and out. And that can take some work.

The problem is that many clients don’t always understand the value of this critical customer intelligence… or realize they are missing key pieces of it.

And that can make it harder for you to get your clients the results they’re asking you for.

That, in addition to copywriting, is where I can help you.

Dialing in the right strategy from the start

If you don’t already have a simple and fast strategic process you take clients through, I can help you quickly and easily create one.

The benefits of this — an easier path to creative problem solving, less work for you and your team, schedules that are met, a more enjoyable collaborative process, fewer revisions and great results for the client that keep them coming back to you for more — are well worth it.

If you have your own creative or project brief process you lead clients through, I may be able to help you tighten it up and make it more effective.

Copy that does your designs justice and personifies your client’s brand

Imagine getting bold, creative and strategically sound copy done on time that fits your layout, the client loves and needs few, if any, revisions.

Contrast that with how slow, arduous and painful it often is to get copy from some clients. Even when a client’s signed off on your Creative Brief, often they don’t know what to say in their copy, how best to say it and very few are able to write to fit it into your layout.

You can leave that all behind.

Nail the voice of your client’s brand.

This can turn first-time clients into long-term clients. For almost a decade, I helped design firm Lamfers & Associates provide the voice for global gourmet brand Kuhn Rikon.

With me as your copywriter, your client won’t have to sweat bullets over copy. And you’ll no longer have to deal with frustrating delays, broken schedules and extra work as the client keeps changing their mind – tweaking and re-tweaking the copy.

It’s a win-win for everyone. And it creates more successful marketing.

Better bottom-line results for your clients

Having started my marketing career as a direct response copywriter, I have all kinds of results-getting tricks and techniques most other copywriters don’t in my toolbox. My clients were Fortune 500 corporations with extremely high brand standards like Citibank, Visa and HP. I had to figure out how to get millions of dollars of results for them staying on brand without being schlocky or sleazy.

If your clients are looking for bottom-line results — say, a nonprofit wanting to fundraise large sums of money or a start up wanting to successfully sell an online product or course – I can help you help them succeed at that.

I draw and speak “visual!”

When it’s needed and wanted on a job, I can communicate with you using “copywriter’s rough” drawings.

An easy, enjoyable collaborative partnership

I see my role as helping you thrill your clients and succeed at whatever project we’re working on. Because I have extensive copywriting, messaging, strategy and branding experience other copywriters may not, I can often suggest ideas that add value to a project.

Having said that, I will always follow your direction and am a good team player. And I promise you high-quality creative concepts and copy the client loves — on time and on budget.

I can help you create successful:

  • Website copy
  • Creative Briefs
  • Taglines
  • Sales Pages
  • Print and web ads
  • Ghostwritten articles
  • Email and print newsletters
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Nonprofit fundraising appeals and case statements
  • Brochures
  • Direct mail
  • Catalogs
  • Packaging
  • Annual reports
  • press releases
  • Internal communications
  • Not listed on here? Just ask


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