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Is your marketing doing all it can to attract the donors and funding you need?

If not, it should be.

Every day, you create positive change in the world. Not just for the people, communities and causes you serve, but also for the donors and foundations who believe in your mission.

Yet, like most nonprofits, you’re often so busy running your programs, it’s hard to step back and see the larger picture. And communicate your impact so compellingly donors and prospective donors are moved to lean in and contribute more.

That’s where I can help.

For over 20 years, I’ve helped nonprofit clients, both large and small, increase their fundraising success and build their donor base using the following strategies.

Tell stories that open hearts, minds and wallets

Donors care about your mission. But more than anything else, they care about people.

They want to hear inspiring stories and be praised for the role they’ve played in them. They love being the hero. And they appreciate you for making this possible.


I’ve helped nonprofits find and tell incredible stories of transformation and beating the odds that bring their programs to life.

These stories inspire and re-energize everyone – from donors and foundations to the public and even staff members.

I’ve also shown nonprofits how to leverage these stories by presenting them powerfully to raise more from major 

Stories are your most powerful tool.

They attract and retain donors by showing the impact you have. Don’t think you have any inspiring stories? I’ll help you find them.

donor asks, foundation grants, fundraising appeals, capital campaigns, fundraising case statements, news stories and more.

Get higher returns on your fundraising appeals

My experience in direct marketing has helped my nonprofit clients get higher returns on their fundraising appeals. In some cases, as much as 50% higher.

Early in my career, I spent several years creating direct mail campaigns for Visa, HP, Shaklee, Pacific Bell, Citicorp and other Fortune 500 companies. The results of these campaigns were measured, so it was easy to see what worked and what didn’t.

I’ve been able combine storytelling and proven direct response techniques to help nonprofits inspire their target audiences and, more often than not, exceed their financial goals.

Give special love to major donors and other groups

Segmenting your donor list and creating separate messaging for major donors is one of the best ways to cultivate them and increase revenue.

Why? Major donors are more deeply committed to you. They want, and deserve, to see that their money is being wisely used to further their values.

Yes, they want to hear success stories. But they also want key data and an inside look behind the scenes from your Executive Director, the more personal the better.

It pays to cultivate your major donors.

Sending personalized communications from your ED keeps major donors informed, engaged and contributing. I helped a large food bank bring in over $1,000,000 doing this.


Many nonprofits are wary of sending appeals to major donors. They rely on personal asks instead. Yet I’ve found if the communications are personal, interesting and informative, with a low-key ask, donors find them helpful not annoying. And they sometimes result in donations that arrive in other ways.

Case in point. One of my nonprofit clients mailed a typewritten note from their ED to major donors. Two days later, a donor arrived in the lobby with a $100,000 check.

I can help you create successful:

Marketing Strategy

Messaging and Copywriting

Developing a Library of Stories

Fundraising Case Statements

Fundraising Appeals

Major Donor Appeals

Web copy

Annual Reports

Marketing Collateral

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